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Hi there and thankyou for visiting our site saynotocardboard. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and have been involved in the Vancouver moving industry for over a decade and realized that using cardboard boxes is not only bad for the environment but also a hassle having to go and buy them, load up your car, take them home and have to assemble them, Using our boxes takes all the stress and hassle away from this. Simply call us 1 week before your move or use our handy online order form, we will drop them off to you at your current location and then pick them up at your new location 1 week later. Think about the time and effort this will save.

  • SAVE MONEY – Our plastic moving boxes save time and money because they are easier to load and unload.Most movers charge by the hour, trucks rent by the day and cardboard moving boxes take longer to pack and load are soft and can crush easily damaging your prcecious goods.

    Cardboard moving boxes cost alot of money and then you have to deal with breaking them down and disposal. Our eco-friendly plastic moving totes, boxes and wardrobes stack up efficiently so you can maximize the space on a truck or trailer. Our boxes are also much easier to carry than traditional moving boxes and stack easily on a dolly. If you are moving yourself, the truck can be loaded more efficiently as all of our boxes are the same size.

  • GREEN – Well, ours are red, but our plastic moving boxes are reused over 400 times saving lots of natural resources and preventing tons of cardboard waste from entering our city landfills.Even after the plastic tote has reached the end of it’s use it can be simply ground up and made into a new tote. Consider our boxes for convenient, affordable and eco-friendly moving equipment rentals. We have everything you might need for your move, including plastic moving boxes, totes and plastic wardrobes. Saynotocardboard also offers other moving equipment and supplies such as moving dollies, recyclable packing paper and packing peanuts. Rent your plastic Moving Boxes and moving supplies with us online today!

      Our tote Boxes Cardboard Box
    Eco Impact Our tote boxes are made from recycled materials and reused hundreds of times; when damaged, plastic totes use 39% less energy to recycle, represent 95% less solid waste, and result in 29% fewer Green House Gas emissions Limited reusability; cardboard represents 18% of landfill waste; methane produced by recycling cardboard results in 95% higher Green House Gas emissions
    Cost Comparable cost with all the benefits! Comparable cost without any benefits
    Usability Far stronger than cardboard providing superior protection for valuables; stackable; weather resistant; easy to grip handles Much weaker than our boxes, not stackable; no handles for easy mobility; does not do welll in rain
    Convenience Saynotocardboard boxes are delivered clean and disinfected to your door, and picked up from your new location Customer has to pick up, assemble, and destroy boxes; cardboard boxes are NOT disinfected and carry dirt